Our People


The IDEO community is active in a variety of realms, from the professional to academic. Here is a sampling of the people who make up IDEO and its growing collection of capabilities. Click a term on the right to highlight someone involved in a particular capability or industry.


At IDEO, we believe that innovation happens through networks of inspired people, and we consider our community to be one of our strongest assets. With a network that includes NGOs, foundations, nonprofits, government entities, and public health groups — as well as people affiliated with academic institutions such as Stanford University and the Royal College of Art — IDEO is able to collaborate at scale and effect meaningful change faster and more systemically than those who go it alone. IDEO also maintains a fellowship program for a handful of influential thinkers and practitioners who contribute to our culture of innovation.

In Memoriam

“Few people think about it or are aware of it. But there is nothing made by human beings that does not involve a design decision somewhere.” —Bill Moggridge