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Peter Jackson
Partner, San Francisco
i Joined IDEO in
What you won’t learn from my bio
I’m a former freelance photographer with credits in the New York Times and the Associated Press. I live in Berkeley with my wife, Debra; our daughter, Nora; and our dog, Willett, and cat, Ellie. You can find the four of us backpacking the Sierra or exploring the Sonoma coast most weekends (Ellie stays home).
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As a former IDEO client, I saw firsthand the power of design to inspire positive change within the world of finance. Now, I’m a Partner and head of the financial services practice, where my work is stitched together by a common thread: As finance increasingly becomes digital and decentralized, as demographics and attitudes change, and as weighty questions about our climate future and tackling inequity arise, many of the clients I work with are facing tremendous threats to their current ways of doing business—but also tremendous opportunities.

I build deep relationships with banking, wealth management, fintech, and insurance clients of various scales and at various life stages and help them grow new muscles.

Prior to joining IDEO, I served as senior counselor to now-U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren and as the first Assistant Director for Consumer Engagement at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, where I led brand management, digital strategy, and consumer experience.

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