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Heather Boesch
Partner, Cambridge
i Joined IDEO in
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I lead our Consumer Products & Retail portfolio, building more beautiful, seamless, and sustainable futures for the things we buy—and the ways that we buy them.

My expertise is in helping organizations effectively evolve to meet today’s seismic cultural, generational, and technological shifts through customer-centered, digitally-enabled innovation. I build trusted partnerships and high-performing, inspired teams to imagine new futures for everything from supersonic flight to global beauty, enabling organizations to transform their offers, organizations, and industries in line with the rapidly-evolving values, behaviors, and expectations of global consumers.

My work has led to the creation of one of the most utilized digital services on the internet and three unicorn startups.

Trained as an architect and economist at Harvard, I advise startups, universities, and governments on innovation and entrepreneurship, teach design innovation at Harvard, built the spatial analytics practice at McKinsey, and co-founded two international logistics businesses serving some of the most remote and dangerous locations on Earth.

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