In 2007, IDEO topped the list of IDSA award winners, with seven IDEA awards and four of the five total Catalyst awards granted. Winning designs ranged from screen-based interactions to financial services to industrial design.

IDEA Gold:

  • Eclipse Jet Cabin and Cockpit Research: Uncovering pilot needs and behaviors for a new high-performance jet
  • Eclipse Cockpit Interaction: An optimized instrument panel that is intuitive, streamlined, and motion efficient
  • Calypso 4D Localization System: An approachable and material-smart radiation therapy device
  • Samsung LCD Monitor Mobius: A triple hinge provides ergonomic adjustability and flat packability

IDEA Silver:

  • Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet: A space-efficient and user-friendly interior configuration

IDEA Bronze:

  • Olivetti My_Way Printer: A portable, Bluetooth-enabled printer with guided interactivityBank of America 
  • Keep the Change Research: Revealing a new way to help baby-boomer women with kids save


  • Pangea Organics: A packaging and identity program that tripled revenues
  • Bank of America Keep the Change: A banking concept that attracted 2M people in the first year

Catalyst, Honorable Mention:

  • Eclipse 500 Very Light Jet: A high-performance jet that has been sold in record-breaking numbers
  • LifePort Kidney Transporter: A high-tech organ transport solution now used worldwide