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We are heartbroken to have lost our experience lead, Rhonda LeRocque, in Las Vegas. When you ask people what they'll miss most about her, they have a lot to say. Here are just a few of the ways in which we plan to carry Rhonda's spirit forward:

"Try to be a little more patient, even in those small moments." —Jason Robinson

"When you make it special, people feel special—this was Rhonda’s genuine gift to each one of us." —Lynn Winter

"Always replate the food, even if it’s store bought. It’s how you show love." —Christina Abele

"Even in the most stressful moments, respect everyone, and remember there are always reasons to smile, and probably reasons to laugh too." —Nicole Howard

"Do something Rhonda lived by: 'Cherish every moment with your loved ones.'" —Noreen Arora

"Find the joy in being a mom." —Becky Bermont

"Never treat anyone as an inconvenience. Rhonda was a master at this. No matter how much she was interrupted, she dropped it all to be present with you." —Michael Hendrix

"Assume the best intentions of everyone." —Christina Flesch

"Be pleased to see everyone, every day." —Jane Fulton Suri

"Celebrate life, everyday. Treat coworkers as friends, not colleagues. Design everything, not because you have to but because you want to." —Owen Sanderson

"Do as many things as you can each day, with kindness." —Tom Kershaw

"Always answer with a smile. Don't just say you're happy to help, be happy to help." —Matthew Charette

"Don't wait for memories to happen, create them. Live for today so you and your loved ones can have infinite happy memories in the future." —Nicole Woods

"Treat every interaction with people as an opportunity to brighten their day." —Brian Standeford

"Always have a smile and hello for everyone, even if you're shy." —Ashley Holtgraver

"Enjoy and appreciate what we do—even the little things—everyday. " —Sophy Lee

"Listen completely, with a smile and an open heart." —Katherine Londergan

"Rhonda was like sunshine, always warm and uplifting." —Tiffany Knight

Learn more about who Rhonda was from her friends and colleagues here.