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Companies like Apple, IKEA, and Google work hard to develop the culture, processes, and habits that drive their success. When taken together, these all add up to a capability we call creative competitiveness. It’s what IDEO has spent 25 years observing, practicing, and perfecting with companies like Nike, Procter & Gamble, and Ford.

IDEO Creative Difference harnesses this expertise by assessing and guiding organizations in developing their own creative competitiveness. The data-driven insights from Creative Difference orient leaders towards action and uncover strengths and improvement areas across all levels of their organization.


Starting with a 15-20 minute assessment shared across any number of teams or business units, Creative Difference looks at the culture, behaviors, processes, and knowledge sharing across the organization. The resulting insights are compiled into a simple and intuitive online dashboard, which allows leaders to see how their organization compares with other innovative organizations, choose which proven actions they will take to improve their organization, and track how their actions have impacted their organization over time.

Teams that exhibit competency across our six creative qualities are more than three times as likely to achieve successful outcomes when tackling tough challenges. Organizations like Intercorp, a conglomerate of 30 companies in Peru, have used C∆ to improve their own innovation capabilities and to track this improvement over time.

Creative Difference is our master tool to maximize the creativity of our 58,000 employees, and track how our 29 companies evolve year after year. It is measurable, scalable, and extremely actionable.

Hernan Carranza, Chief Innovation Officer, Intercorp

To learn more about using Creative Difference in your organization, check out our website, find us on Facebook and Twitter, or drop us a line at hello@ideocreativedifference.com.