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This 5-minute Thought Exercise Will Help You Define Your Purpose

A strong sense of purpose can help your company perform better and help you live longer. Joe Brown has a simple thought exercise (and a new IDEO U course) that can help you hone in on your purpose.

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Will Your Next Office Come on Wheels?

Dwell Magazine interviewed Danny Stillion for a feature on autonomous vehicles “as mobile, connected workspaces.” Stillion explained, "It’s not about going to work, it’s about the work coming to us. It’s part of a vision for a shared, autonomous, electronic platform."

Read the full article here.

ArticlesEvening Standard

Can AI Have Empathy? The HyperHuman Thinks So...

AI isn’t all Robocops and Russian bots; IDEO is imagining a Hyper Human world where augmented intelligence can teach humans more about one another. “We want machine learning experts to think about AI in terms of the human challenges it might solve, rather than...the technical milestones they might surpass,” said IDEO designer Jure Martinec.

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