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This exhibit took place from November 16,2002 – March 23, 2003 and was curated by Joseph Rosa. Exploring the ways in which the human form inspires and influences design, Body Design featured more than a dozen prototypes and commercially available designs from the fields of furniture, fashion, industrial design, and architecture. Divided into three categories—proximity, cladding, and enclosure—the works expressed how the human body determines the space around it, how design can be applied to the body, and how the body can be contained or changed by constructed space.

Two IDEO conceptual prototypes were included in the exhibition: the Kiss Communicator (1999) and the Penta Phone from the Technojewelry series (2002). Chosen to represent the idea of proximity, the Kiss Communicator is a two-part device that transmits a kiss-like signal to the remote receiver through a series of pulses and softly glowing LED lights.

The Penta Phone was included in the cladding category for its basis of wearability. Comprising two ring-like pieces to be worn on the thumb and pinky fingers, the at-hand design represents the adaptation of technology to our existing behaviors and lifestyles.