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Arvind Gupta on Adaptive Innovation

Rotman Magazine

In Adaptive Innovation: Launch, Learn, Repeat, Arvind Gupta explains how teams can iterate an offering, product, or business model in sync with evolving market needs and stay ahead of the competition. (View the full Winter 2013 issue of Rotman Magazine here.)

Download the PDF here.

articles / Posted: January 23, 2013


Innovating Ideas and 10 Conversations That Changed Our World

Fast Company

Fast Company talks to IDEO’s Albert Lee about innovating ideas. IDEO’s Dennis Boyle also talks to FastCo about the Palm V in 10 Conversations That Changed Our World.

articles / Posted: January 15, 2013


Second Edition of the Design Thinking for Educators Toolkit


Over a year ago, IDEO launched the Design Thinking for Educators toolkit. Since that time, we’ve incorporated feedback from educators, reformatted the book for clarity, and created an accompanying workbook to support teachers through their process. Download the new toolkit here and check out the updated website here.

books / Posted: January 14, 2013


NYC Department of Education Gap App Launched

NYC Department of Education

Mayor Mike Bloomberg launches The Gap App Challenge, designed by IDEO. The New York City Department of Education approached IDEO to identify and frame a challenge for software developers to submit apps that enhance teaching and learning middle school math. Learn more about the project on the NYC government’s site and watch video coverage of the press conference.

articles / Posted: January 8, 2013


IDEO Featured on 60 Minutes

CBS News

Charlie Rose visits IDEO and interviews co-founder David Kelley in this segment of 60 Minutes. Rose also discusses the future of design thinking with Tim Brown and delves deeper into human-centered design with David in his home. 60 Minutes also checked in with the IDEO Toy Lab. View all of the footage from 60 Minutes’ time at IDEO here.

articles / Posted: January 6, 2013