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The New York Times on OpenIDEO

The New York Times

Fixes blogger Tina Rosenberg writes an editorial about crowdsourcing. Mainly interested in “what crowdsourcing can do to help civilians contribute to social change in a way that is both useful and emotionally satisfying,” she references OpenIDEO and a number of challenges that have run on the open innovation platform.

articles / Posted: March 30, 2011


Crowdsourced Radiation Map of Japan


Haiyan Zhang from IDEO’s London office mapped radiation levels from geiger counter readings across Japan, pulled from Pachube, a data infrastructure platform. Core77 posts on Haiyan’s work.

articles / Posted: March 30, 2011


BBVA’s ATM Wins iF Communication Design Award


BBVA’s ATM won an award in the “product interface” category of the iF Communication Design Awards 2011.

Read more here.

awards / Posted: March 23, 2011


Business People Into Business Designers

Rotman Magazine

David and Arvind cover eight concepts that can help cultivate a business design mindset. They are: look beyond your industry; apply rich constraints; use tangible provocations; use letters and numbers; speak to your crowd; deliver stories, not data; aim, ideate, repeat; and let go of “right.”

Download the PDF (story starts on page 5).

articles / Posted: March 18, 2011



In the fall of 2011, IDEO is announcing a new nonprofit organization, It’s aimed at addressing poverty and spreading human-centered design through the social sector. Fortune, Core77, Fast Company’s Co. Design, MediaBistro’s Unbeige, Skoll Foundation, and Dexigner talk about the news.

articles / Posted: March 8, 2011


Federal Agencies and Innovation

Washington Post

IDEO’s Fred Dust is interviewed by the Partnership for Public Service’s Tom Fox on how federal agencies can overcome barriers to innovation. He talks about the need for long-term, sustainable innovation cultures and the role of storytelling in motivating workplaces.

articles / Posted: March 6, 2011