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Designing the School Day of the Future

KQED MindShift

Sandy Speicher writes about what the school day of the future could look like on KQED’s MindShift education blog. Envisioning a day that’s unpredictable, inconsistent, and wildly relevant for learners, their engagement, and their development, she argues that above all, it will be designed. Read the post here.

articles / Posted: February 22, 2011


Q-and-A: Biomimicry


In an interview with Metropolis’ Susan Szenasy, Jane Fulton Suri looks deeper into how patterns in nature and living systems can inform us and inspire us to create more elegant solutions. She talks about the changes a nature-inspired approach might bring about and how human factors might be redefined through a better understanding of the natural world.

articles / Posted: February 18, 2011


Fast Company’s Top Ten in Design

Fast Company

IDEO is included in Fast Company’s Top Ten in Design list “for opening its own innovation processes to the world.”

articles / Posted: February 17, 2011


Design Squad Nation on PBS

PBS Kids

Adam Vollmer and Judy Lee are the hosts of Design Squad Nation, a 10-part series of TV shows and accompanying online video blogs. They partner with kids around the world to make their dreams come true through engineering. You can also catch the shows online at the Design Squad Nation site, or check your local PBS television listing.

events / Posted: February 17, 2011


The Oregon Manifest Bicycle Challenge


A team from IDEO’s Palo Alto office has teamed up with craft bike builder Paul Sadoff of Rock Lobster to design the ultimate urban utility bike. Learn more about the Oregon Manifest challenge here, and follow the team’s progress over the next eight months on the Core77 diary.

articles / Posted: February 17, 2011


David Kelley on Love and Money

Work Matters and Fast Company

IDEO fellow Bob Sutton writes about David Kelley’s philosophy on love and money. In light of David’s recent 60th birthday, Bob talks about David’s thoughts on the balance that’s required to sustain people’s talents and motivations while growing a business. Read the post here.

articles / Posted: February 16, 2011


The Seven Sins of Innovation

Fast Company's Co. Design

Ryan Jacoby’s recent NYU-Poly talk, “Leading Innovation,” includes a section about the seven sins of innovation. Helen Walters covered the ways companies can avoid falling victim to their own creative processes. Watch a video of the presentation here.

articles / Posted: February 10, 2011