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The Harvard Business Review Agenda: 2011

Harvard Business Review

Two dozen business leaders, including IDEO’s Tim Brown, were asked which projects they’ll take on in 2011. Tim targets strategic resilience, and how we might provide ourselves with appropriate options for the future in the face of growing unpredictability.
Read his full answer here.

articles / Posted: December 29, 2010


LifePort Kidney Transporter Wins Design of the Decade Award


The LifePort Kidney Transporter from Organ Recovery Systems was recognized in the “Solution to a Consumer Product” category of the IDSA-sponsored awards. The LifePort Kidney Transporter improves kidney preservation, evaluation and transport prior to transplantation. Kidneys transported in the LifePort device have been shown to be 48 percent less likely to fail within the first year after the transplant than those preserved by the traditional icebox method.

awards / Posted: December 13, 2010


c60 Music Player on Core77


A group of designers from IDEO’s Boston office brought to life the c60 music player concept from Martin Bone and Kara Johnson’s book, I Miss My Pencil. Check out photos of the process and a behind-the-scenes video on Core77. An in-depth explanation of the design process can be found on the I Miss My Pencil website.

articles / Posted: December 10, 2010


Monocle on Design Education


Design’s role in the world has changed, and so has the way students learn the craft and process. Monocle takes a look at four design schools around the world, including Stanford’s, where he speaks with David Kelley, IDEO co-founder and founder of the The full article is available in the December print edition under a subscription at the Monocle site.

articles / Posted: December 7, 2010


Design Taxi on Making Design Big Again

Design Taxi

Design Taxi interviewed Tim Brown during a trip to Singapore. Read the post for more on the necessity of innovation in businesses and applying design to biology.

articles / Posted: December 6, 2010


Süddeutsche Zeitung: Was Kunden wirklich wollen

Süddeutsche Zeitung

Der Einfachheit halber

Helmut Martin-Jung von der Süddeutschen Zeitung beschreibt am Beispiel des von IDEO entwickelten BBVA Bankautomaten, wie Firmen herausfinden können, was ihre Kunden wirklich wollen.

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articles / Posted: December 6, 2010