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25 Ideas That Will Shape the 2020s

Fortune asked 25 of the sharpest minds to weigh in on the epic, disruptive, thrilling, terrifying, and fascinating ideas that will mold the next decade. Our CEO, Sandy Speicher, shares why thinking big will redesign the world.

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AwardsNational Academy of Engineering

David Kelley Awarded the 2020 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for Innovation in Engineering and Technology Education

David Kelley has been awarded the 2020 Bernard M. Gordon Prize for formalizing the principles of design thinking and developing engineering leaders with the confidence to generate high-impact solutions.

Read more about David's contributions here.

ArticlesLA Times

Sweeping Change is Coming for L.A. County Voters

In 2020, some 5.2 million residents—a figure that eclipses the number of registered voters in most US states—will change the way they cast ballots in Los Angeles County. Dean Logan, the county registrar, has spent the last 10 years developing a secure, accessible process that puts voter needs first.

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