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IDEO COO Iain Roberts on Designing the Future of Work

“The future of work is pluralistic and we will not be moving from one dominant mode to another dominant mode.” IDEO's COO, Iain Roberts, discusses the future of work, how to enable trust and belonging in the workplace, and design’s role in helping companies navigate the unknown at Bloomberg Live's Work Shifting Summit.

Watch the full segment here.

VideosLinkedIn News Live

The Future of Voting

IDEO's Annetta Papadopoulos discusses the future of voting technology and how today's voting experience for the most populous county in the U.S. differs from 2016 on LinkedIn News Live.

Watch the interview here.

ArticlesInc. Magazine

How to Stay Creative When Your Team Is Working Remotely

Whether designing something physical or designing the future of your organization, innovation can flourish, even while working remotely.

Bryan Walker shares ways IDEO is working today with Inc. Magazine.

Read the article here.