Our Top 10 Stories of 2017

Our Top 10 Stories of 2017

The stories our readers loved this year
Saige Perry
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What a year! Inky the Octopus has wrapped her tentacles around some big topics, from creative meetings to sexy typography to blockchain to hip-hop. As we wave goodbye to 2017, we wanted to share Inky's greatest hits—the top 10 stories you read and shared most this year.

And while we're at it: The holidays are a time for gratitude, so from the entire Octopus team, a heartfelt thanks for stopping by. We can't wait to bring you more stories about the design of everyday life.

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1. 19 Things We're Dying to Redesign

Call it an occupational hazard: IDEO designers are always thinking about how to make things better. Here are 19 projects we'd love to get our Sharpies on. Read the story!

2. 5 Exercises That Break Down Barriers

Walking into a room full of strangers can be daunting. Try these exercises to move beyond the small talk. Read the story!

3. 'Sprint' Author Jake Knapp Built You a New To-Do List

For many, to-do lists are a necessary evil. So Jake Knapp, IDEO Fellow and author of Sprint, built a new one that you'll actually want to use. Read the story!

4. 13 Ways to Make Your Workspace More Creative

Businesses are finally catching on: Cubicles are out. But what do we replace them with? IDEO designers share tips to supercharge your space for creativity. Read the story!

5. A Day in the Life of a Design Researcher

At IDEO, design researchers do more than just ask people questions. Follow one of our own through a day of field research in Tokyo. Read the story!

6. How to Design a Meeting That Doesn't Suck

We admit it: Meetings can end up feeling more like black holes in your calendar. But how do you design a meeting that truly inspires? Try these three tips. Read the story!

7. Why You Should Start Prototyping—Right Now

It's never too early to start prototyping. Learn how starting day one of a new project can inspire and excite your team. Read the story!

8. 3 Ways to Make Your OOO More Human

How might we take one of the most automated voices we still offer to the world—the email auto-responder—and make it more human? Read the story!

9. Why You Should Keep Making Stuff By Hand

In between tech projects at IDEO CoLab, Jacob Waites likes to turn off the computer and focus on using his hands—and you should, too. Read the story!

10. Smart Things That Will Save the World

Today's products were designed for the industrial era of browsing store aisles. If we want to create a more sustainable future, it's time to rethink that model. Read the story!

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Saige Perry
Saige Perry is a content strategist at IDEO, where she looks after the IDEO brand and its many digital homes. Her happy place is somewhere in the shadowy back-right corner of a hole-in-the-wall music venue.
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