Designing the Future of the Financial System

Shaping the future of finance demands more than incremental adjustments, it demands daring, transformative ideas that can change the game. We partner with your team to look beyond the status quo and unlock untapped potential. Our long-standing expertise in the financial sector, paired with a commitment to collaborative innovation, creates a force multiplier that goes beyond quick fixes and ensures enduring value.

We work towards transformational impact that addresses the unique challenges faced by your clients and customers. By partnering with us, you're choosing a path that distinguishes you from the pack and positions you as an industry leader, a financial institution that not only understands the changing market dynamics but also shapes them. Let's design the future of finance.

How We Help Clients

IDEO can create value for you in three areas


New and Evolving Offers
  • Physical and digital products
  • Experiences
  • Services
  • Spaces
Revitalize Your Existing Products
  • Refreshing existing customer experiences
  • Elevating your brand


Create a Winning Strategy
  • Strategy-focused projects
  • User research and insights
  • Strategic futuring
Launch Innovative Teams
  • Running innovation labs
  • Enhance your experimentation capabilities
  • Innovation assessments

Your People

Embed Human-Centered Design in Your Teams
  • Enhance your team’s research capabilities
  • Workshops
  • Redesign your spaces
Strengthen and Wield Company Culture
  • Create an environment to work and think differently
  • Bring values of empathy, collaboration, and learning to the forefront

Areas of expertise

Financial expertise

  • Payments (domestic and international)
  • Insurance 
  • Wealth Management
  • Consumer / Corporate banking
  • Financial Inclusion
  • Advice & Guidance Programs
  • Life Event Planning
  • Credit Card Rewards / Loyalty

Organizational impact

  • Functional Strategy 
  • Innovation Lab / Accelerator Creation
  • Scaling New Capabilities 
  • Talent Strategy

Technological Innovation

  • AI & Generative AI
  • Blockchain and De-Fi
  • Unlock the value of customer data
  • Systematic assessments to unlock hidden value


Let's talk. Our team is passionate about improving financial services and has a diversity of skills and perspectives to bring to your unique challenge.

Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson

Partner /Co-Lead, Financial Services Practice

Peter helps financial institutions react to what’s coming down the pike by developing products, services, and experiences that make it not only easy but delightful for people to manage the money in their lives.

Matt McDermott

Matt McDermott

Co-Lead, Financial Services Practice

With over three decades of financial services experience, Matt loves solving intricate challenges for clients, driving toward exceptional outcomes, and assisting them in innovating their business. His expertise lies in advice & guidance programs, cross-enterprise transformation, and advisory services.

Becca Carroll

Becca Carroll

Senior Director

Becca focuses on designing products and services that accelerate the transition to the digital economy for people worldwide. She has built a career in democratizing access to financial services through any technology that makes money work better for people.

Sam Schulman

Sam Schulman

Senior Director

Sam helps lead IDEO’s strategy practice across North America with a focus on Financial Service clients. Sam thrives at the intersection of design and strategy, leveraging the tools and mindsets of each to envision compelling futures for financial service organizations that are good for business and the people they serve. 

Chris Domina

Chris Domina


Chris brings clarity to complex challenges. He helps give leaders the confidence to bring bold new initiatives to market and transform their organizations to be future-fit.

John Won

John Won

Senior Director

John believes in the power of empathy, creativity, and collaboration to help financial services be customer-centered, especially for low-income and underserved people. He fosters collaborative partnerships to connect underserved communities with the digital economy. 

Emily D’Arco

Head of Partnerships

Emily shepherds the process of collaborating with clients to shape their design and innovation programs. She helps translate their challenges into exciting opportunities to create more human-centered financial systems.

What it's like to work with us

This won’t feel like your average innovation project. We’ll go through a dynamic process with an emphasis on experimentation, so you build capabilities as you solve your hardest problems.

Our projects span from quick 4-6 week sprints to long-term engagements.