A selection of case studies


Design allows us to create circular or regenerative products, services, and systems, providing shared value for society and the environment

CASE STUDYThe Rockefeller Foundation

Designing Waste Out of the Food System


Building the products, solutions, and organizations we need for the future of food


Helping government agencies make complex, bureaucratic systems accessible to everyone. And in the process, building a culture of innovation from within.

CASE STUDYCity of Boston

Boston's New Citizen-Centered Site


Combining data, design, and machine learning to build intelligent products and services that improve people's lives

CASE STUDYPlanned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood's New Way Forward


Building products, services, and experiences that advance healthcare for patients and providers

CASE STUDYThe Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

Giving Ed Tech Entrepreneurs a Window into the Classroom


We partner with changemakers who believe that learning has the power to transform lives and organizations in service of a more just, equitable, and sustainable future for everyone.