What’s in my Moleskine: Dave Russell

What’s in my Moleskine: Dave Russell

Dave Russell
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Welcome to the What's in My Moleskine series, a periodic peek inside the notebook of an IDEO designer. Fast Company recently did the same with IDEO's Joe Brown, who had a lot to say about the all-powerful Muji thread-bound A6 notebook.

In this installment we hear from Dave Russell, a communications designer based in our London studio.

IDEO: Tell us about your drawings

Dave Russell: A few months ago I committed myself to drawing a comic a day for one month. I’ve never consciously drawn comics before, but I’ve always admired the narrative skill of artists like Chris Ware and Adrian Tomine, so I thought it would be fun to experiment with the format. While both these artists employ a semi-realistic style to tell human stories, I’m equally inspired by the strange and absurd worlds created by the likes of David OReilly and Pendleton Ward.

When do you find the time?

For me, drawing can be a way of escaping the everyday and exploring imagined worlds. Doodling is like my meditation—it clears my mind and helps me to focus. I try to keep these scribblings to a minimum in face-to-face meetings, but when I’m on the phone my drawing hand has a mind of its own. I’m often surprised by what ends up on the page.

What are your favorite tools?

My go-to, everyday weapon is the Muji Gel Pen. It’s versatile—thin enough to write with and a great weight for small sketches. It’s got to be black and it’s got to be 0.5mm. No exceptions. I recently started using a Pentel Sign Pen to draw with, too. It’s super smooth and the nib feels quite dynamic. It also bleeds less than Sharpies, the ubiquitous IDEO design tool.

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Dave Russell
Dave Russell is a Communication Designer at IDEO, where he has worked across industries as diverse as food and beverage, healthcare and financial services. He particularly enjoys the challenge of bringing complex ideas into focus – whether that be helping a pharmaceutical company take a more holistic view of their patient care or defining a future vision for the high street bank.
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