Kitchen Creative

Kitchen Creative

A tasty testament to the London studio's communal, culinary adventures
Ed White
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The Greek Shepherd’s Pie. Coconut Meatballs. The Mediterranean Yacht in Linen.

You won’t find these unlikely sounding recipes in any other cookbook, and you certainly can’t eat them anywhere. But last summer, these culinary creations graced the table and palates of our London studio.

Eat My Dish came out of a desire to bring the studio together outside of our beloved social haunts (i.e, the pub). We wanted to do something that was hands on, creative and open to everyone.

The rules were simple. Everyone was given a £10 budget for their dish. They had to cook offsite, and had to feed the studio. Entries were grouped in four categories: Culinary Peacock, Student Throwback, Feeding The 5,000, and the Bone Idle Chef.

It was a resounding success. Every Thursday afternoon, we summoned the whole studio to sample the recipes of the week. Our resident chefs would watch nervously as a crowd of designers descended on their dishes brandishing spoons and napkins. They devoured everything, every week, mumbling grateful compliments to the chef between mouthfuls. Things even got a bit competitive, with several dark horses impressing the studio against all odds (one participating chef claimed at the time to not even own a chopping board).

Forks at the ready: Lauren Wilkinson's Coconut Meatballs (top) and Nadine Stares' Salmorejo

The UK has not historically been known for the quality of its food (unless your definition of quality includes jellied eels and deep-fried Mars bars) but things have started to shift in recent years. London in particular represents every style of food going, from late-night hole in the wall noodles to Nordic Michelin-starred blow-outs.

The studio’s recipes reflect the city’s culinary diversity, featuring dishes with roots in Brazil, Hungary, Iran and beyond, and catering to every occasion, from quick bites to dinner party extravaganzas.

Comms designer Marty Brown's high concept chow.

At the end of it all, we compiled the Eat My Dish recipe book. It’s been lovingly hand bound in four colours with neon thread and sent out to our studios around the world. We hope it inspires many a happy meal.

Dishes, being eaten

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Ed White
I help companies unlock design’s superpower—its ability to paint a compelling vision and strategy of what the future could look like—and prototype the first steps to concretely move them toward that place.
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