Design Lover’s Gift Guide

Design Lover’s Gift Guide

Something for the Helvetican on your list
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Struggling to find ideas for the designers on your list? Browse our most coveted tools and trinkets, from notebooks to fine nibs to the perfect traveler's mug for your fixie pannier sidebag. Just beware: it's pretty tempting to pick up something for yourself.

1. Closca Fuga Foldable Helmet, 2. Alphabet Compendium, 3. Crosley Messenger Turntable, 4. Uuni 2s Portable Pizza Oven, 5. Universe2go, 6. Roting 600 Drafting Pencil, 7. Olloclip 4-IN-1 Lens, 8. HAY Tower Block Notepad, 9. Night Notebook, 10. Keep Cup, 11. Appointed Workbook, 12. Alite West Bluff Pack, 13. Sharpie Stainless Steel Permanent Marker

Closca Fuga Foldable Helmet

Helmets are a total necessity, but carrying them around is a pain. The Closca foldable bike helmet solves that problem, collapsing down to half of its size (about 2.4 inches tall), making it possible to hide away in a backpack or purse. The 2015 Red Dot award winner is also certified to global safety standards, so all you have to worry about is picking the right color.


Alphabet Compendium: An Illustrated A-Z of Things

Isometric mural illustrator Nigel Sussman has poured the same style he's used to decorate the walls of tech companies like Google and eBay into his first book, Alphabet Compendium. His hyper-detailed drawings cover everything from the aardvarks to the zucchinis.


Crosley Messenger Turntable

The Crosley Messenger Turntable lets you spin records anytime, anywhere, thanks to its messenger-bag style design. With built-in speakers and a headphone jack, you can share the music, or go it solo.


Uuni 2s Portable Pizza Oven

Have a pizza lover in your life? This wood-burning oven goes from ambient temp to 932˚F in just ten minutes. Stainless steel construction means it can handle life in the great outdoors, and Uuni's wood pellets are sustainably sourced, so you don't have to feel guilty. They'll even plant a tree for every bag of pellets sold.


Universe2go: My Personal Planetarium

This star viewer and app combo give you a closer look at the real night sky, not the dome of a planetarium. Take a guided tour of the stars above you—it will illustrate constellations, help you discover planets, and even point out moving objects like comets and satellites.


Roting 600 Drafting Pencil

This is one serious pencil. The iconic, metal design has a comforting heft to it, and its hexagonal base makes it easier to hold in your hand. Better yet, it won't roll off your table. Choose between .5 or .7 lead.


4-IN-1 Lens

Help your loved ones kick up their iPhone photography game with four quick-change lenses (fisheye, wide-angle, macro 10x and 15x) that fit right on top of the iPhone. Panoramas and extreme close ups are made easy with the 4-IN-1 Lens, which is small enough to fit in a pocket. It's a selfie-lovers' dream.


With the Macro 15x lens on the right. Without on the left.

HAY Tower Block Notepad

A beautiful, ombré tower of notes just waiting to be sketched on. Available in fade coral and fade orange. Drool.


Night Notebook

Spare, beautiful, and conveniently on sale, this blank Poketo notebook is perfect for capturing your thoughts. And thanks to Smyth Sewn binding, it lies totally flat, making doodling in your notebook easier than ever.


Morning, Day, Evening, and Night Notebooks

Keep Cup

These eco-friendly cups out of Australia are made using waste product from the manufacture of wine corks. Their designs include everything from basic colors to characters from the Star Wars universe. Now you just have to decide between the resistance and the evil empire.


Appointed Workbook

A spare, utilitarian design with a durable cover, this notebook can handle the abuse of every day. Choose between classic navy or white.


Alite West Bluff Pack

A backpack rugged enough for the outdoors, but designed with commuters in mind, the West Bluff pack has an interior laptop sleeve and a padded back built for comfort. It's perfect for the urban explorer in your life.


Stainless Steel Permanent Marker

Add some cred to your brainstorms with this stainless steel Sharpie.


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