4 Ways to Get Smarter About Money

4 Ways to Get Smarter About Money

Anna Engstrom
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Two years ago, I interviewed a young woman about money. Sitting in her living room in Southern California, I was struck by two things: One, I realized she was completely clueless about the role finances played in her life, and two, I realized that I was, too. So I set out to school myself. Here is a selection of my go-to money resources:

1. Daily Worth (website & newsletter): A daily dose of financial news offering advice tailored specifically to women. It separates your financial life into four major buckets: Plan, Earn, Spend, and Live. Articles are easily digestible and engaging. Topics range from “Running your business like Beyonce” to “Increasing your willpower.”

2. Smart Couples Finish Rich by David Bach: Reading this changed how my husband and I manage our money. It intends to get you and your partner on the same page financially and moving forward as a team. Which can be good for your bank account, and your relationship.

3. How to Worry Less About Money by John Armstrong: Taking a unique approach, this book addresses our relationship with money rather than advising us on how to make more or spend less. It asks you to define your “money worries” and their origins as opposed to, say, dithering over “money troubles.” It made me realize that all relationships take introspection, nurturing, and work. Including my relationship with money.

4. Society of Grownups (Boston-based brick & mortar and online platform): Our friends at the Society of Grownups are a vast resource for fiscal education and advice. They are helping to normalize financial planning as a component of our daily conversations. In fact, my conversation with the young woman that kicked off this whole affair was one of many that inspired the creation of the Society of Grownups—a project that deeply inspired each individual team member to make fundamental shifts in their relationship with money.

Smart designers really do finish rich.

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Anna Engstrom
A Swedish transplant, grownup, and designer who mixes three key ingredients of service design: physical, digital, and human experience.
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