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Organizational Design

Calling All Organizational Designers! 

Organizational Design at IDEO

Every product ever developed, every system ever created, every innovation that you’ve ever been amazed by, what do they all have in common? Every one of them made their way to you because of groups of people who came together to turn an idea into something real. At IDEO, we know that within those groups of people, the ways that they work together are just as designable as the things that they make. Organizational Design is the practice of bringing a human centered lens to the question of how organizations define and achieve what they set out to do. We do it by looking at what holds organizations back, designing through constraints, and finding new ways forward.

As an Organizational Designer at IDEO, you will specialize in the design and integration of new structures and systems. You’ll help clients align on and activate values, incentives, rituals, teams, and spaces that drive an organization’s behavior and culture. You probably hold a belief that organizations are, at their core, collections of humans and a desire to unlock their full potential at work. You might get fired up at the prospect of humanizing the ways people and corporations are intertwined.  

If you are the type of person who can bounce between thinking about the abstract and creating tangible solutions, who can hold tension and space for people, and who likes connecting dots and asking good questions, Organizational Design might be an exciting opportunity for you to pursue. 

In this role, you are in the front-row seat to change. Do you enjoy spotting opportunities that lead you to fixing something that’s broken? Are you inspired to generate ideas that start something new? As an Organizational Designer, you're doing more than trying to take in and understand information by listening for unique barriers to change; you’ll use that insight to move your clients forward tangibly. 

While there is no “typical day” or “typical project” for an Organizational Designer at IDEO, your ultimate goal is to help the people and teams within our clients do their best work. No matter the industry or organization you’re partnering with, you’ll likely spend much of your time articulating the changes necessary to bring new human-centered designs to life and designing the conditions to foster that change. 

As an Organizational Designer at IDEO, you might:

  • Help clients uncover or rethink their organizational purpose and values and work with design teams to express and activate it in a compelling way
  • Think creatively to design organizational solutions that enable new innovations to go to market with a focus on how the people within the organization will work in new ways to support those innovations
  • Help clients build their own creative capabilities and scale innovation efforts across the organization
  • Generate solutions that create strategic and organizational opportunity and foster new ways of working, including new organizational structures or roles, operating models or processes, and other strategic tools and assets
  • Craft transformational project journeys with clients and other IDEO leaders that highlight the most important areas for organizational design efforts

Even though we don't currently have any open positions, if you’d like to be considered for a future Organizational Design opportunity at IDEO, please submit this general application and indicate the locations you’d be most interested in exploring. We will review applications on a rolling basis and reach out to qualified candidates to begin the conversation!


Relevant experience

Along your journey, you may have called yourself any of the following, but not limited to: People Operations, Talent Strategist, Organizational Strategist, Organizational Strategy Consultant, Human Capital Strategy, Organizational Development Practitioner, People Operations; or, you may have studied topics related to organizational development, psychology, or behavior in a graduate program. You might even have a certificate in leadership coaching or organizational design. What we’re trying to say is: there are many backgrounds and experiences that might make someone an Organizational Designer. 

What we look for in someone’s experience is the challenges they enjoy working on.  We’re looking for people who may have driven change, large or small, within an organization; people who can rethink and implement organizational and structural changes; people who enjoy taking action and who know how to architect an approach to change in a human-centred way. We are always looking for those who are driven by curiosity in behavioral change and transformation, and who are excited by how organizations work and scale.

Beyond the above requirements, our ideal colleague:

  • Is interested in, or even fluent in, design thinking
  • Has professional experience working in partnership with clients and senior stakeholders 
  • Continuously strives to improve on their storytelling skills in both writing and speaking
  • Is comfortable with ambiguity and can self manage
  • Is eager to contribute to our culture of exploration, learning, and diversity of thought
  • Is interested in aligning with our values


Required work experience

Organizational Designers can come from a range of backgrounds, as you might have noticed by now. Therefore, we do not have a specific requirement for the amount of work experience you have, e.g. “you must have N years of experience working as an organizational designer”. We are looking for colleagues that have exceptional verbal and written communication skills, can understand our client’s context and their potential opportunities, and effectively collaborate with a range of stakeholders. We’ve observed that those skills often develop from experiences outside of school — be it a job, a community organization, an open source project, academic research, or something else. If you’re not sure about your experience, please err on the side of applying. We are often most excited about people from unique professional backgrounds!

Equal Opportunity Employer

IDEO is an equal opportunity employer; applicants are considered for all roles without regard to race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, citizenship status, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital, parental, veteran or military status, unfavorable military discharge, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law.

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