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Digital / Quantitative Design Researcher

In a nutshell:

IDEO is currently seeking a Digital / Quantitative Design Researcher for our London studio. At IDEO our design research teams lead IDEO and clients through the research process, to develop thoughtful and provoking insights. These insights inspire our clients and designers to create solutions that deliver positive impact in the world around them.

In terms of the role of a Digital / Quantitative Design Researcher, we are looking for people who can bridge the divide between qualitative research and digital methodologies, strengthen our digital fluency, push the edges of how we search for insight and augment our skills in understanding human behaviour through new tools, technologies and methods.

The ideal candidate will most likely be …

  • Data storyteller - able to present and visualise a clear, concise narrative that gets a team excited about what the data means for them
  • A people person, able to get into people’s heads, hearts and minds with empathy.
  • A confident midweight. You know how to collect data from numerous sources (eg: surveys; text mining social media; log data from apps) and responsibly analyse it to uncover insights and bring further inspiration to the design process.
  • Ready to be a leader, give teams confidence and drive the craft.

Why is this role important for IDEO’s work?

IDEO has a long history of human-centered design. At the heart of this has been the role of design researchers to identify the real challenges, and in our enthusiasm to create and make, keep the outcomes based on the needs of the end user, customer or employee.

We now play in an era where we can use digital tools to get an even better understanding of human behaviour, and where we can source nearly unlimited data sets to contextualise a situation or challenge. The combined qualitative and quantitative research approaches allows us invaluable and even more accurate insights into the behaviours that drive IDEO’s design process.

Once here you will be able to:

  • Be ‘scrappy’ while promoting rigor in all quantitative and qualitative research across IDEO
  • Span the divide between design thinking and research methods
  • Inspire your team on day one of a project with data you can gather from secondary sources
  • See your insights turned into real concepts throughout the design process (from inspiration and discovery to testing and validation).
  • Collect data on the fly (eg. during prototyping) to help teams iterate quickly
  • Guide teams and clients about where data can add value to the design process (eg: when to use it and when not to, where IDEO’s capability can add creative value versus the client’s)
  • Build relationships with clients, who may sometimes be embedded on the design team

What does IDEO offer you?

Ask anyone in IDEO London why they like working here, and they will say it’s our people and the diversity of projects. It’s a place where you can solve complex challenges for our clients or the organisation, alongside thoughtful, intelligent individuals who lead with curiosity, empathy, and optimism.

We certainly work hard, but we also intentionally focus on our culture to design opportunities for us to pause, create, and connect.

Some previous projects to check out:

Here are some examples of projects that our research team have contributed to and led, in London:

Relevant experience and mindset:

  • You can run rigorous experiments/studies with human participants
  • You can knock a survey out of the park and make messy and complex data squeaky clean
  • You consider yourself a digital technologist or have experience working with them
  • You’ve worked with designers to apply research insights to ambiguous, complex challenges
  • You’ve collaborated with a multidisciplinary team with mixed experience of integrating data into their process
  • You’re passionate about the value of qualitative research for inspiring design (you don’t need to be an expert, but you’ve had exposure to qualitative research methods)
  • You have a strong background in social science methods, ie. a graduate degree in one of the social sciences (anthropology, psychology, sociology, public health, etc.)
  • You’re comfortable doing exploratory data analysis to inspect data sets, identify their strengths and weaknesses, and otherwise tell stories about what you are observing
  • You love wrangling with datasets using tools eg. sensors, digital interfaces...
  • You’re comfortable using open-source tools (examples could be R, Python, SAS or STATA).
  • You know how to do ANOVA, regression, cluster analysis;
    • Max-diff, Conjoint analysis, basic ML (classification, NLP, computer vision) are a plus

Pop Quiz

In your cover letter, please answer in less than 300 words + images:

When was the last time you told a story about data that wasn't for a class project or work?

Can you share the story, including who you were sharing it with and the main points you were trying to convey  

Application requirements and instructions:

Please submit your CV, cover letter (including your answer to the pop quiz above), with a portfolio, or link to your portfolio.


Equal Opportunity Employer

IDEO is an equal opportunity employer; applicants are considered for all roles without regard to race, color, religious creed, sex, national origin, citizenship status, age, physical or mental disability, sexual orientation, marital, parental, veteran or military status, unfavorable military discharge, or any other status protected by applicable federal, state or local law.