In a Nutshell:

IDEO Cambridge is currently seeking an Organizational Design Intern who loves to design and build all aspects of an organization, including; culture, roles, responsibilities, structures and rewards systems. This role requires you to solve client problems using a blend of new theory and experience.  We are currently seeking an intern for 2-3 months during the summer.

Once you are here, you might:

  • Prototype organizations (e.g. roles, responsibilities, structures, etc…) in support of a new venture or client offering.
  • Design a roadmap with detailed experiments for clients to embody design thinking and customer-centric approaches into the way they work.
  • Design and support Innovation Labs that will enable clients to launch new ventures.
  • Develop tools and training programs to help clients build their innovation capabilities.
  • Help clients learn Design Thinking by integrating them into a design project (i.e. help them “learn by doing.”)

Relevant Experience:

  • 1+ years of organizational design and strategic experience managing organizational change, either as a consultant or in-house.
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Strategic Human Resource Management, Organizational Development, Psychology or equivalent. 
  • Passionate about trying new thinking rather than focusing on best practices.
  • Able to inspire people of different backgrounds on organizational design.
  • Able to dig into motivations and design for the adoption of new mindsets and behaviors rather than design for just what people say.

Application instructions:

To apply, please submit your resume, cover letter and at least 1 work sample.