In a nutshell:

IDEO San Francisco is in search of an Organizational Designer for our Design for Change Studio who has led or managed change programs, either as a consultant or in-house within an organization. This role requires a unique blend of real-world experience and theory, a passion for challenging received wisdoms, and noticeable boardroom polish.

Why is this role important for IDEO’s work?

IDEO is widely recognized as a world leader in the design of products, services, environments, and strategies that enable our clients to grow their businesses. In all aspects of its work, IDEO seeks to help our clients deliver high value to end-users and demonstrable benefit to society as a whole. The Organizational Designer role is pivotal to help our clients achieve bold and meaningful change through vision crafting and scaling strategies.

Once here you will:

Have a role that varies from project to project, relationship to relationship.

For example:

When we design for and with clients, we:

  • Think creatively to design organizational solutions that enable new innovations to go to market through our client’s people.
  • Help clients rethink their organizational purpose and values and work with design teams to express it in a compelling way
  • Help clients build their own creative capabilities and scale innovation efforts across the organization

We are looking for candidates who can:

  • Design a research plan comprised of interviews, assessments, and other methods to understand an organization’s working dynamics to surface bright spots and opportunity areas
  • Take a systems view to understand the potential impacts to an organization’s operating environment, including changes to people, process, and technology, and assess the organization’s overall readiness for the change
  • Navigate client organizations, including the C-Suite, to facilitate decision making, manage key stakeholders, and advise on implementation and change management efforts
  • Generate design solutions that best address strategic and organizational issues, including new organizational structures or roles, operating models or processes, and other strategic tools and assets
  • Shape strategy and weave together insight and recommendations into a clear and actionable plan, capturing both small, incremental changes as well as long-term scaling strategies
  • Build a compelling strategic narrative and corresponding communication plan that builds stakeholder awareness, understanding, and adoption for the initiative
  • Manage a project, including scope, timelines, budgets, and client expectations
  • Contribute to internal projects to continue to build IDEO’s knowledge and skills in organizational design across different design disciplines
  • Support business development activities and communicate IDEO’s unique value proposition connected to organizational design and transformation

What does IDEO offer you?

IDEO is a place unlike any other. It’s a place where you can solve diverse, complex challenges for our clients or the organization, alongside thoughtful, intelligent individuals who lead with curiosity, empathy, and optimism. Sure we work hard, but we also intentionally craft moments that allow our community to pause, create, and connect. We encourage our community to bring their whole selves to work, respect the need for work-life balance, and allow for autonomy in the design process and your career.

As an Organizational Designer, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Shape IDEO’s perspective on organizational design. We like to push the edge in all aspects of our work, and we are building our own perspective on how to activate change within organizations
  • Develop new human-centered experimental approaches to organizational design/development that lead to tangible outcomes and incremental changes that spark new behaviors across the organization
  • Become part of a culture that lets you both learn and teach while working with people outside of your immediate area of expertise
  • Be challenged to think more holistically

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Relevant experience:

  • 4-6 years of organizational design and strategic experience working in large business and corporate environments
  • Bachelor’s and/or Masters Degree in a related field, including MBAs, Organizational Psychology, People Operations, Learning and Development, and Change Management
  • Experience implementing large-scale transformation efforts across organizations, with an emphasis on practicality over best practices
  • Ability to work flexibly and efficiently to adapt your approach to fit the project needs and constraints

Candidates should be able to share several examples of broad scale change efforts within organizations that they designed and implemented as a consultant or in-house.

Application requirements and instructions:

Please apply with a resume and cover letter (yes, we read cover letters). Don’t forget to answer the Pop Quiz question!