Role summary:

IDEO is currently seeking a Senior Business Designer for our Chicago location. We are looking for someone who loves to craft and build new businesses, who understands how (and why) designing products and services can drive strategic revenue growth for our clients.  The right candidate will have a demonstrated ability to work with a broad set of designers (Interaction, Graphic, Architects, Engineers, etc.) to bring a variety of concepts and products to life.  Additionally, we are looking for people with a depth of experience in business model design, market analysis, financial modeling and implementation.

In your past life, you may have been a consultant, product manager or an entrepreneur - - or you might have been in business operations, ensuring the viability of bringing a scalable new offer to market. You fundamentally think that when you design a new product, service or experience, you’re simultaneously designing the broader business strategy and roadmap for future growth.

This role requires a unique blend of real-world experience and theory, entrepreneurial and creative zeal, fundamental design skills, boardroom polish and consulting “chops”. You will work as a member of IDEO’s interdisciplinary project teams to create market-leading solutions for client challenges. As a Senior Business Designer, you will be the business anchor on a team, which means understanding client context, developing insights, exploring and defining growth opportunities, architecting strategy, creating tangible design expressions, communicating vision, and ultimately helping our clients get new offers to market.

In addition, you will bring a comfort with using “quant” as a design tool.  You will take the lead in enabling your project team to forecast and simulate the impact of new offers and business models, to better understand the size of markets and opportunities, and to help inspire and validate the strategic direction of projects through data (and good old fashioned math!).

Some previous projects to check out:

Society of Grownups: A storefront designed to connect the MassMutual brand to young adults through focusing on their money-spending habits over great food and conversation.

Pill Pack: An IDEO startup-in-residence. We helped build a venturing strategy for its prescription home-delivery system. IDEO refined the company's brand vision, strategy, and identity across channels and used this framework to redesign PillPack’s website and private dashboard for customers.

Hunter Gatherer: The challenge was to help incubate and launch Hunter Gatherer, a restaurant and retail space built around a trustworthy supply chain, from farm to table to grocery shelves. IDEO helped design every aspect of the organization, from its business strategy to its restaurant and retail space, brand and positioning, human resources, and marketing. The restaurant and grocery store opened in October 2014, and plans are in place to open 40 new locations throughout China.

Once you are here:

  • You will collaborate with clients to understand their businesses, challenges, and opportunities, and to help identify and prioritize their near and long term goals.
  • Partner with various designers to design and evolve clients’ physical/digital products in ways that drive strategic business growth.
  • Use discovery-driven planning and financial modeling to explore the business model possibilities behind our concepts and to shape and influence their design.
  • Develop the business cases behind concepts and designs, to orient organizations towards finding top-line growth and profitability.
  • Design business models that enhance and extend consumer experiences.
  • Help clients develop new growth options within existing brands and experiences.
  • Design compelling value propositions for customers and consumers.
  • Design organizational structures and strategic assets to help companies be more innovative.

Relevant experience:

  • A masters in business is a plus.
  • Successful candidates will combine rigorous business acumen across all of the following areas, along with world-class depth in one or two: Product Development, Product Management, Marketing (Product or Brand), Organizational Behavior, Operations, Finance, Start-ups, and Design.
  • Excellence in complex business model development, scenario planning, and forecasting, with a depth of experience using Excel as a baseline.
  • Demonstrated fluency of the human-centered design process.
  • Experience in client-service and consultative roles which might include management consulting, creative services, design, finance or operations
  • Experience with diverse work cultures. Experience across multinational corporations a plus.
  • Ability to work in an ambiguous and dynamic environment and comfortable with non- hierarchical organizations.
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills.
  • Minimum of 5 years of industry experience.

Additional skills that are encouraged:

  • Operational experience in or a deep understanding of taking offerings to market, whether as an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.
  • Ability to work in multidisciplinary design teams.
  • The ability to coach and teach other designers about business.
  • Experience working in design software (e.g. Adobe suite, etc.).
  • Experience in organizational design and implementation.

Required materials for applying:

In lieu of a cover letter, please respond to the following prompts (We will only review applications that include the prompts).

You’ll be working with a multidisciplinary team of designers at IDEO. Two keys to success are being human-centered and being able to visualize your ideas.

  1. Please tell us about a time that you applied a human-centered design to solve a business problem in 200 words or less.
  2. Please share an example of how you visualized an idea, commercial/growth strategy, or business model OR create a visual for the story in the first prompt.