Robots, AI, and Making Courageous Futures

IDEO has been in the emerging tech game since we designed Apple’s first commercial mouse more than 40 years ago.

Since then, we’ve designed the future of everything from kitchens to jet planes to entire school systems. This year, IDEO’s Emerging Tech Lab brought together future-makers to experiment with us in a series of events across Cambridge, Chicago, and San Francisco. Together—and with our AI agents—we experienced evenings filled with compelling conversations, hands-on activities, and five talismans to fuel new ideas.

One of the highlights? The San Francisco Hub's fireside chat between Tim Brown and Alexander Reben, the first artist-in-residence at OpenAI. We’re sharing it here in case you missed it.

More Great Moments From the Series

IDEOers and their guests in Cambridge, Chicago, and San Francisco interacted with gallery exhibits, built manifestos with the help of AI, learned about how designers and artists shape tech (and vice versa), and made new connections with each other.

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