De-Risking Investments With Help From Gen Z

Throw out the playbook that worked with previous generations. To reach Gen Z, companies need to be testing new prototypes to confidently invest in what young people really want.

At IDEO, we’re big believers in the power of codesign—making and testing products with the people who will actually use them. But in our work with Gen Z, we’ve discovered just how important it is. This generation of young people is frustrated that they’ve been left out of  conversations shaping things like social media, which has had detrimental effects on their mental health, and are excited to help build  new technologies like AI to meet their needs and values.  We’re diving into that work together.

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From Principles to Prototypes

In our research with young people, they’ve been extremely clear: They are only interested in products that align with their values.

AI can provide the groundwork, but then we choose what we do with it from there. And I’m worried about the line being blurred.

Olivia Lo
gen z research participant
Wendy Wang
Design Research Director
Wendy is a Senior Design Research Lead with IDEO’s Design for Play where she leads quantitative and qualitative research to co-design with youths around future technologies and experiences that bring delight and foster community.
Matt Callahan
Industrial Design Director
Matt is a Senior Design Lead at the Play Lab where he works as an Industrial Designer and Design Researcher. He is passionate about designing experiences that spark joy, and believes a playful approach to design is the best way to unlock creative solutions to tough problems.
Takashi Wickes
Interaction Design Lead
Takashi is an Interaction Design Lead with IDEO’s Design For Play team, focused on prototyping and playtesting to take ideas from early concept to tangible designs.

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