SF Climate Week at IDEO

In ecology, the richest biodiversity emerges at the intersection of two ecosystems. It’s where you find species, plants, and other life forms flourish into remarkable, surprising new forms. The name of this phenomenon? The edge effect. And it’s just as true for design.

Join us at IDEO's Lion Building to explore the edge effect in designing for climate, and where it meets the worlds of money, behavior change, emotion, AI—and biodiversity itself. The event features lightning talks from IDEO experts and climate leaders, special guests (including the world's first biodiversity VC Superorganism), and a happy hour for happy networking.

The Edge Effect

5:00-7:30pm - doors open at 5, we'll begin promptly at 5:30.
Thursday April 25th, 2024
320 Florida Street San Francisco, CA 94110

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