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How will we personalize health?

Building products, services, and experiences that advance healthcare for patients and providers

In a world where women do not always have agency, my hope is that design-led solutions can transform prevention from a source of shame into an empowering ritual of self-care.

With more than half of Americans facing a chronic disease—the leading cause of death, disability, and the largest driver of health costs—it’s our responsibility to design solutions that provide meaningful health outcomes but also deliver dignity and joy to people’s lives.

CASE STUDYThe National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

Building a Birth Control Support Network for Women

Often the dissatisfaction in healthcare is that we're not being treated as human beings. Some of the hospitals with the most effective treatment of diseases have the least satisfied patients. Treating people effectively doesn't mean that people are happy.

CASE STUDYNemours Children’s Hospital

A Hospital Centered on the Patient Experience

IDEO has been privileged to work closely with Eli Lilly over the past 25 years designing drug delivery systems inspired by the needs of patients to match Lilly's deep expertise in industry leading innovations in life-saving medicines.
Dennis Boyle