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How can we use AI to make things better for humans?

Combining data, design, and machine learning to build intelligent products and services that improve people's lives

We’re using the term ‘augmented intelligence’ as it reflects our focus on enhancing, rather than replacing people’s capabilities through technology.
Mike Stringer


Data science is a discipline of human-centered design.

When data science, interaction design, and engineering experts come together, we’re able to introduce radically new experiences and systems.
Dean Malmgren

IDEO Alum, IDEO Chicago

We have a responsibility to ensure that AI solutions improve human lives, not harm them.

We are repeatedly exploring and defining new ways to ensure that the decisions AI makes are aligned with people’s beliefs and values.
Bo Peng

Portfolio Director

CASE STUDYProcter & Gamble

Using Data to Connect Global Teams

BLOGJochen Weber & Tiffany Yuan & Leo Marzolf

Teaching AI to See Our Best Side

Augmented intelligence elevates human capabilities and experiences.

By focusing on serving people rather than replacing them, we can help them achieve their greatest potential.
Justin Massa

Executive Portfolio Director

Augmented intelligence is based on data that is collected, interpreted, and made meaningful by humans.

Machines might be perfectly consistent in capturing what’s happening—but real value is created when we apply the lens of human-centered design.