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    Food at its core is incredibly powerful. It can give us a sense of optimism, security, and connection. But access to food, especially healthy food, is unevenly distributed. We’ve seen design play a vital role in helping to close that gap, to more equitably distribute resources, and to solve systemic challenges.

    Vivian BaradManaging Director, IDEO San Francisco

    Case StudyThe Rockefeller Foundation

    Designing Waste Out of the Food System

    ToolsIDEO CoLab

    Circular Economy CoLab

    IDEO's platform for collaborative innovation explores circularity in the food and textiles industry.

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    People’s relationship with food is changing in ways that impact our health, our culture and environment. At this inflection point, the opportunities are simultaneously exciting and overwhelming. Design is our way forward to create products, services, and food experiences that are more sustainable, healthier, and that get people cooking in the kitchen with confidence and joy.

    Lynda DeakinPartner and Managing Director, IDEO San Francisco

    Through our work with IKEA, we wanted to create a tangible vision of new behaviors that impact our relationship to food, designing for systems that encourage healthy eating habits, smarter food disposal, and more creativity with cooking.

    Juho ParviainenExecutive Design Director, IDEO London

    BlogVivian Barad & Rita Nguyen, MD & Rachel Maloney

    What If We Could Prescribe Food as Medicine?

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