◀︎Big Questions

How can we design a better food system for everyone?

Building the products, solutions, and organizations we need for the future of food

Redesigning food and food systems is a responsibility and an opportunity.

We partner with committed leaders and organizations, and help them create values-driven, value-returning solutions to the toughest problems in food.
Vivian Barad

Partner and Executive Director, Food & Beverage Portfolio

Collaboration is critical to building new and innovative solutions.

It’s about going very deep, very quickly: we use collaborative design and iterative prototyping to unearth root causes of big problems and find innovative, viable ways forward.
Rebecca Chesney

Director, IDEO San Francisco

The creativity and expertise of people is central to the future of food.

Our clients need creativity and resilience to meet the challenges that face the food system. We work collaboratively to set an ambitious vision for the future and build the capabilities they need to make that vision real. To transform organizations, we roll our sleeves up and do the work together, while also building the organizational scaffolding to support those new mindsets and behaviors in the long term.
Maggie Howekamp

Executive Director, IDEO San Francisco

Right now, the opportunities to reimagine food are both exciting and overwhelming. Design can help: it’s a way to make the right choices, and to create the products, services, and food experiences that people, business, and society need.