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How can government be more citizen-centered?

Helping government agencies make complex, bureaucratic systems accessible to everyone. And in the process, building a culture of innovation from within.

Well-intentioned policies don’t always translate into meaningful and effective services for the community, but applying design thinking to government programs can help bridge this gap.
Peter Jackson

Partner and Managing Director, Financial Service Practice

We designed a platform to help New Yorkers protect their homes—and finances—from flooding. We did it by meeting people in their neighborhoods and designing the platform together.

CASE STUDYCenter for NYC Neighborhoods

Preparing New Yorkers for Future Flooding

CASE STUDYNew York Civil Liberties Union

Sparking a Conversation Around Policing in NYC

CASE STUDYCalifornia Health Care Foundation

Making Health Insurance Enrollment Easy

CASE STUDYCity of Boston

Boston's New Citizen-Centered Site