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How can design advance learning and education?

We partner with changemakers who believe that learning has the power to transform lives and organizations in service of a more just, equitable, and sustainable future for everyone.

Equitable learning outcomes demand a systems-level redesign.

We center the needs and design with learners themselves— be they in elementary school, college, or the workforce, to make it work for them.
Becky Bermont

Partner, IDEO Cambridge

CASE STUDYBowdoin College

Rethinking College Admissions

It’s time for work to learn from schools.

Learning doesn't stop when school ends. Design can help institutions and companies alike transform to better support learning over a lifetime and develop talent fit for tomorrow’s challenges.
Becky Lee


We can design the joyful, inclusive, transformational learning kids deserve.

At IDEO, we combine our design process with a depth of expertise in pedagogy, equity, play, school design, and digital experiences to make it all come to life.
Rachel Young

Senior Director, IDEO San Francisco

Design can be a lever for innovation and change for existing, stagnant systems.

For organizations that are ready for transformation, learning is a necessary ingredient.