Nature Cards

Nature Cards are a collection of cards featuring strategies from the natural world that inspire us with a new mindset as we approach design challenges. Use them to frame your design challenge, evolve your business strategy, brainstorm, teach, or simply to think creatively and holistically with nature in mind.

As human-centered designers and innovators, our work has always been inspired by observing people’s natural behavior in its physical, social, and cultural context. As we address increasingly complex and systemic challenges, recently some of us at IDEO have been exploring how human-centered design might broaden its lens to include observation of the natural world in which humans are an integral part. With the help of experts in biology and the life sciences, we are learning about the principles of successful strategies in living systems. This knowledge is inspiring new thinking about how and what we can create for a thriving future.

Download the complete set of Nature Cards here.

Nov 2014