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Hello, I’m Tom Eich

Partner and Chief Technology Officer, IDEO New York

I lead the Global Technology team at IDEO, and determine with them how technology best delivers impact to IDEO, our clients, and our collaborators. I work with IDEO's designers and technologists to inspire, shape, and steer our technology strategy, capabilities, and capacities.

What you won't learn from my bio:
I watch PBS cooking shows as ambient noise. I seem to always have a construction or design project going on, usually involving my home, but occasionally to do with vehicles that can go fast.

Joined IDEO:

Full Bio

Tom Eich is Chief Technology Officer and Partner. He has led the Consumer Experience Design practice (CXd) and served as chief build officer for IDEO’s development across all locations and practices.

Since joining IDEO in 1996, Tom has served as a portfolio leader, project manager, and lead engineer in the design of consumer electronics, technology product and service concepts, furniture and furniture systems, office and airline seating products, and home appliances. His work resides at the intersection of technology and the built world, from large to small scale interactions and behaviors.

An engineer by training, Tom developed advanced electronic products in the Silicon Valley for MicroUnity, Applied Signal Technology, ArgoSystems, and ROLM before joining IDEO.