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Hello, I’m Tim Peck

Executive Portfolio Director of Health, IDEO New York

I'm invested in applying my experience as an Emergency Medicine physician to improve patient experiences and outcomes through human-centered design. As an entrepreneur, I’m deeply curious about how new ventures and technologies can impact our health system across the spectrum of care.

What you won't learn from my bio:
During my time as a physician, I treated many patients from nursing homes, but knew little about the emotional, clinical, operational, and financial challenges that led to so many Emergency Department transfers. When I founded a telemedicine company, I realized that the only way I could build something people needed was to deeply understand who the patient was. I lived in a nursing home for three months to truly experience the needs of patients, family members, and staff—profoundly shaping how I approached bringing human-centered care to the health system.

Joined IDEO:

Full Bio

As an Executive Portfolio Director of Health at IDEO, Tim thinks about big societal problems and organizing teams and technologies to solve them. In particular, he is interested in designing experiences at the end-of-life, connected health, and combating loneliness and isolation.

Tim’s been practicing human-centered design for over a decade, having lived in a nursing home for 3 months to research and found Call9, a health technology company which saved the lives of seniors and millions of healthcare dollars.

Having personally experienced critical illness himself, he has an intimate knowledge of medicine as a patient and a provider. Tim is attuned to the rigors of leadership, especially after leading a team of 39 talented residents through a year that included the Boston Marathon bombings.

Tim holds a medical degree from New York University School of Medicine, and was chief resident at Harvard Medical School. He is an advisor to Solv, a startup helping give same-day access to care, and an entrepreneur whose mission is to guide the health industry to become more human-centered. Outside of work you’ll find Tim in Brooklyn running very slowly while training for his next marathon with his finacée.