Hello, I’m Sarah Codraro

Marketing Director

A marketer by trade and strategist at heart, I work with our teams internally to help find new ways to power our business, or externally with our clients to help tell stories about the power of design.

What you won’t learn from my bio:
My favorite things in life often seem mismatched—contemporary fiction and paperback mystery novels, champagne and barbeque chips, a degree in painting and one in politics—but the contradictions suit me just fine.

Joined IDEO:

My Work

Full Bio

As a Marketing Director for IDEO, Sarah helps IDEO identify meaningful opportunities for strategy and storytelling. This involves everything from helping IDEO rethink its own business internally to partnering with clients to help them tell stories about design’s positive impact on their people or their bottom line.

Sarah’s most recent project is Food By Design, IDEO’s first narrative podcast. Food By Design explores design opportunities within the food system.

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