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Hello, I’m Mike Stringer

Executive Design Director, IDEO Chicago

Data and algorithms are increasingly shaping our world and have tremendous potential to improve health, enhance safety, facilitate relationships, build community, and create beauty. They can also do the opposite. I work to continuously push our abilities in data science, maintain and sharpen our human-centered focus, and explore creative ways to realize the positive potential of data and algorithms.

What you won't learn from my bio:
I'm endorsed several times for "Attempted Humor" on LinkedIn. Opinions vary on how often those attempts are successful.

Joined IDEO:

Full Bio

An Executive Design Director at IDEO Chicago, Mike is passionate about using science and design to improve business and society. He works to continuously push IDEO's abilities in data science, maintain and sharpen IDEO's human-centered focus, and explore creative ways to realize the positive potential of data and algorithms.

Mike joined IDEO through the acquisition of Datascope, the data science consulting company he co-founded in 2009. At Datascope, Mike led and contributed to projects across a variety of industries for clients such as Google, Procter & Gamble, Thomson Reuters, Bristol-Myers Squibb, and Steelcase. He also worked on the business of Datascope and strove to support everyone in doing excellent, meaningful work.

Mike found his way into design via a background in engineering, physics, and the analysis of complex systems, where he used computational techniques within multidisciplinary teams to study a wide range of evolved systems — from biological to sociological to technological. He often looks for design inspiration from these evolved systems.

Make received his BS in Engineering Physics from the University of Colorado, a Ph.D. in Physics from Northwestern University, and was named a Data Hero by DataKind because of his commitment to using data to do good.

Inside and outside of work, Mike is a curious person. He loves to read fiction and nonfiction, play outside, dabble with making art, and search for connections between disparate topics. His most inspirational and influential teachers are his two young daughters.