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Hello, I’m Kim Cullen

Senior Design Director, IDEO San Francisco

I help teams think big and get tangible. By working with designers and clients to translate systems-thinking into real outcomes, I create digital products and services that are useful and impactful.

What you won't learn from my bio:
In a former life, I was a third grade teacher. Turns out, constructing papier maché with 8-year-olds is not so different from building digital prototypes with adults.

Joined IDEO:

Full Bio

As a Design Director at IDEO San Francisco, Kim Cullen provides guidance to a community of interdisciplinary designers that ranges from deep systems thinkers to code tinkerers to visual designers. She supports teams in creating their best work while partnering with clients to help them understand and engage with the creative process.

Kim is passionate about finding tangible solutions to systems-level design challenges. During her time at IDEO, she has worked in a range of industries including education, media, finance, healthcare, and fashion. Kim has helped envision a new educational model for an entire state, transformed an e-commerce site into a human-centered fashion platform, and built a tech finance startup from the ground up. No matter the design challenge, Kim is committed to addressing real human needs by putting something useful, tangible, and relevant into the world.

Prior to working at IDEO, Kim worked at design firm Adaptive Path, start-ups, advertising agencies, and a variety of museums including the New York and SF MOMAs. Kim holds a degree from Brown University in Art/Semiotics (and she’s happy to geek out with you about what this means). She studied Graphic Design at California College for the Arts in San Francisco where she later returned as a faculty member to teach in the first undergraduate interaction design program. She is continually amazed and humbled by the ingenuity of her students and sees teaching as an opportunity to stay passionate about the field of design.