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Hello, I’m Jonah Houston

Senior Portfolio Lead, Design for Mobility, IDEO Palo Alto

I help car manufacturers think about what’s next, beyond designing, making, and selling cars. I’m doing my best to bring humanity to mobility. For me, this means creating services that connect with people in a genuine way.

What you won't learn from my bio:
I spent a lot of my formative years on farms. I can milk a cow, sheer a sheep, shoe a horse.

Joined IDEO:

Full Bio

Jonah Houston is a Senior Portfolio Lead for IDEO’s Transportation and Mobility practice. Since joining IDEO in 2000, Jonah has partnered with leading global automakers on launching new products and services and helping organizations be creatively competitive in their markets. He also helps to lead IDEO’s collaboration with Ford to design future urban transportation systems. Jonah’s passion lies in deepening the relationships we share with mobility machines—such as cars, bikes, and trains—and making them feel authentic and connected.

Prior to IDEO, Jonah co-founded American Suspension, the only domestic manufacturer of suspension forks for motorcycles. With the founding team, Jonah co-developed over 50 products in under two years. He was the team manager for the Russell Racing school at Laguna Seca, responsible for keeping 40 race cars on the track 150 days per year. Jonah was also a member of Team USA in the 1995 Camel Trophy, one of the most world's most rigorous off-road races.

Jonah earned his M.A. in Economics from San Jose State University and his B.A. in Philosophy from the University of Vermont.