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Hello, I’m Emilie Colker

Managing Director, IDEO London

My work begins with listening for ways I can help make others successful—both on our internal teams and with outside partners. What do you want to achieve for your customers? What legacy do you want to leave behind? Where are your strategic opportunities for growth? What can we do to bolster your digital capacity, not for the sake of technological advances, but to enable you to make strong decisions and innovate more quickly?

What you won't learn from my bio:
I’m an avid podcast listener. Spend 15 minutes with me and I’ll undoubtedly riddle you with the latest fact I learned on my commute.

Joined IDEO:

Full Bio

Emilie is passionate about leading teams in a way that encourages them to take creative leaps. Cultivating that kind of bravery sets a strong example for companies who seek to connect authentically with their communities and customers. For 20 years, she has held marketing and digital leadership roles in businesses experiencing waves of innovation and change.

In those roles and her current position at IDEO, Emilie delivers tangible results for early-stage companies focused on growth, as well as legacy brands looking to solve diverse problems, seize new market opportunities, and deliver impact in the world.

Much of her work has involved defining—or redefining—market strategies for brands and helping them connect with new local and global audiences; building optimal “click-to-brick” experiences; and orchestrating complex digital transformations that emphasize new ways of working, like learning through doing, as much as enhanced systems and platforms.