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Hello, I’m Diana Rhoten

IDEO alum

I am invested in creating and cultivating the right conditions that help our designers thrive and our clients succeed. And, as an organization designer, I focus on translating complex institutional challenges and radical cultural shifts into tangible new brands and businesses. I am particularly excited about designing transformative ventures and “reinventures” that live at the intersection of profit and purpose.

What you won’t learn from my bio:
I'm a competitive Scrabbler, an inveterate eggcorner, and a semi-professional condiment connoisseur.

Joined IDEO:


Full Bio

Diana is the Managing Director of IDEO’s New York office. She works with organizations to reimagine who they are, what they do, and how they do it. Drawn to big challenges and opportunities, she actively helps IDEO and its clients effect change at scale through the design of new offers, ventures, and partnerships.

Diana has worked in and across business, government, and philanthropy, exploring the potential for organizations to innovate with both social and economic impact. Toward this end, she has helped R&D labs discover the power of interdisciplinary collaboration to generate breakthrough solutions in sustainability. She has helped catalyze new education markets by creating partnerships to accelerate startups building digital learning solutions as well as networks to support schools and non-profits seeking to adopt them. She has also designed and launched new entities within large-scale organizations as diverse as corporations like News Corp and government agencies such as the National Science Foundation.

Today, Diana is thinking hard about questions like: What are the shifting roles of business, government, and philanthropy in society? How can brands create new offers and experiences that inspire broader societal change? How might we human-scale actions into design purpose-driven movements that drive large-scale change? How do we as designers lead this kind of change through tangible prototypes of what the future could be?

Diana is a board member and advisor to several upstarts. Outside the office, she can be found chasing her Great Dane in the park, the fresh powder on the slopes, and her perennial dream to return to South America and Southern Africa.