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Hello, I’m David Webster

Partner and Executive Portfolio Director, IDEO Palo Alto

I’m all about figuring things out by building. I'm committed to relationships with clients who share our passion for humanizing technology.

What you won't learn from my bio:
My son has always called me ‘Engineer’ instead of Dad. I’m constantly trying to live up to it.

Joined IDEO:

Full Bio

David Webster is a Partner at IDEO who has played multiple leadership roles at the company in his 20 year tenure. He leads IDEO’s work in humanizing technology and defining new affordances for tech giants, global brands, and startups. Webster was previously the Managing Director for IDEO’s studios in both Palo Alto and San Francisco and led the company’s global Health and Wellness practice.

Immersed in the heart of Silicon Valley, Webster is passionate about using design to define meaningful relationships between people and technology. He focuses on the emerging topic of ‘augmented intelligence’ as a way to shape people’s emotional interactions with connected objects and to set the right conditions that enable valuable new experiences.

Before IDEO, Webster worked at GK Design in Tokyo, where a renowned Japanese industrial designer taught him the phrase, ‘Human-Machine-Soul-Energy.’ He firmly believes in the value of designing at the intersection of all four, making it a core theme in his work and many talks for conferences, clients, and universities.

Webster holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Design Engineering from the Royal College of Art and a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering from University of Edinburgh. He is happiest being a kid with his kids and building things in their imaginary worlds.