Hello, I’m Danny DeRuntz

Executive Design Director

As an Executive Design Director at IDEO Cambridge, I help prototype and explore the intersection of emerging technology with core human needs.

What you won’t learn from my bio:

I'd rather be drawing a diagram of the true meaning of time and space.

Joined IDEO:

My Work

Full Bio

A veteran of both the Palo Alto and Cambridge locations since 1996, Danny spent the early years of his IDEO career focused on engineering—from the likes of developing prototypes to full-scale production.

Highly drawn to creating prototypes, demos and builds to help make a client's future tangible in a multitude of ways, Danny has become expert in other prototyping mediums like video production, communication design, interaction design and software development throughout his years at IDEO. He finds these expressions critical to ensure that the design process is not merely a thought process but actually something that's able to be experienced and understood.