Hello, I’m Dana Cho

Partner and Managing Director, IDEO Palo Alto

I design memorable experiences for organizations and brands that define their industries. I do this with 120 diverse and (quite freakishly) talented designers in the heart of Silicon Valley, where it’s important to remember what real people actually care about.

What you won't learn from my bio:
I grew up in Korea from ages 3-18, which means I miss out on a lot of seemingly obvious American cultural references (my reference material is mostly limited to Beverly Hills 90210, General Hospital and Twin Peaks). And I’m terrible at U.S. geography.

Joined IDEO:

Full Bio

Dana Cho is a Partner and Managing Director of IDEO Palo Alto. As the head of IDEO’s Silicon Valley outpost, Dana leads a 120-person design community whose mission is to build products, experiences and services that embody beautiful, humanized technology.  Dana’s specific content areas of expertise include healthcare, retail, hospitality, and beauty. As the founder of the Smart Space practice, Dana has led multiple, large-scale projects with clients such as Sam’s Club, Mayo Clinic, Four Seasons, Virgin, and The Ritz-Carlton. She has also served as the portfolio director of both the consumer brand and healthcare practices. Her range of work is diverse, encompassing engagements in everything from genomics and software development to packaged goods.