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Hello, I’m Chris Grantham

Executive Portfolio Director, IDEO London

I lead IDEO's consultancy in the circular economy. My personal mission is to help organizations collaborate, develop more circular products, services, systems, and build a movement of circular minded innovators.

What you won't learn from my bio:
I’m happiest when eating an ice lolly in the sun.

Joined IDEO:

Full Bio

Chris is an executive director at IDEO, where he leads IDEO's consultancy business in the circular economy and works with organizations on systems change and breakthrough innovation. Chris has been closely involved in developing IDEO's partnership with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation to generate innovative solutions and new business models that move us toward a more circular economy (one in which products and materials are continuously reused, never discarded).

His work has involved a number of design-led initiatives with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation, including the development of The Circular Design Guide, which was launched at the World Economic Forum in 2017. The aim of the guide is to advance a generation of creatively confident, systems-orientated circular designers, as well as more resilient organizations capable of thriving in a circular economy.

Chris lives in West Sussex in England with his wife, Holly, their thirteen year-old son, Oscar, a large Rhodesian Ridgeback called Rufus and a small Patterdale Terrier called Dudley. He recently discovered the joy of living vicariously through Oscar’s sporting achievements; as heroic as Chris is on the job, he’s a disaster on the field.

Chris is an Aspen Institute First Movers fellow.