Hello, I’m Barry Katz

IDEO Fellow

Although I do a lot of networking, I’m at my best when I am helping teams, and their clients, establish the widest possible context around the project they are working on: historical, social, and cultural.

What you won’t learn from my bio:
I’m a serious researcher, but I’m told that I’m also a pretty good talker.

Full Bio

Dr. Katz was the first person invited to join IDEO as a Fellow, and has helped to define that role through his ongoing involvement in IDEO project work. He is an aggressive networker, and can often be seen bringing prospective clients through the Palo Alto and San Francisco studios. Outside of IDEO Barry is Professor of Industrial and Interaction Design at the California College of the Arts in San Francisco, and Consulting Professor in the Design Group, Department of Mechanical Engineering, at Stanford. He is the author of six books, including (with Tim Brown) Change By Design, and most recently, Make it New: The History of Silicon Valley Design (MIT Press, 2015). Barry brings his expertise in the history and theory of design to bear on his work with IDEO project teams, where he has engaged in front-end research on projects ranging from MRI imaging to credit cards to pharmaceuticals. His “Narrative Prototypes” typically result in briefs to design teams and presentations to clients, and he also assists with all forms of writing and editing. He believes that there is no project—however technical or futuristic—that cannot be enriched by a historical and cultural perspective.