Hello, I’m Axel Unger


I try to create the right conditions, context, connections and culture for IDEO, our friends, partners and clients, so that they may collaborate in tackling the toughest systemic challenges. I enjoy designing for maximum impact in the market.

What you won't learn from my bio:
One of my favorite hobbies in recent years has been gardening. It’s creative, and besides providing a great balance to my work, requires empathy, a long-term view, inspiration, curiosity and joy—qualities that help me tremendously in my daily role as a creative leader.

Joined IDEO:

My Work

Full Bio

Axel is an IDEO partner based at the Munich studio. Throughout his international 25+ year career he has successfully designed and launched new products, services, strategies, and ventures for many of the world’s leading companies and brands.

Axel is passionate about discovering untapped opportunities, and takes a special interest in the the area of health, in which he believes there exists an endless number of human-driven design challenges. He speaks regularly about how design can have an impact on such topics as chronic diseases, obesity and aging.

Prior to joining IDEO Munich, Axel worked as the head of design at the UK startup, Appliance Studio. He also worked as an innovation strategy consultant for Whirlpool Europe in Italy, and as a senior designer with IDEO’s Boston studio. He received his BFA in industrial design from the Rhode Island School of Design.

Axel has lived and worked all over the globe and speaks five languages to show for it. He continues to satisfy his natural curiosity about the world through frequent traveling, loving to engage with people of different backgrounds. At home, he finds reflection and focus through gardening.

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